July 2012

A paper by Colin Barnett and Peter Williams titled “A radical approach to exploration: let the data speak for themselves!” was selected as the principal featured article of the July issue of the SEG Newsletter.

A preprint of the paper can be obtained here (4.4Mb pdf).

January 2011

BW Mining has completed a highly successful year-long data mining study of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. The availability of numerous high quality exploration data sets, and the wealth of known deposits, make this an ideally suited area for the BW Mining process.

The study reveals over a dozen important, new and tightly defined targets. The majority of these are relatively near to well-established gold camps. Target ground is held by both major and junior companies.

March 2009

Kiska Metals Corporation (formerly known as Rimfire Minerals) reported that a first round of drilling had commenced at their Barmedman Project in New South Wales, Australia. This completely blind target was picked out by a data mining study of the Lachlan Fold Belt that we conducted in 2006 (see below). The drilling is being funded by their partner, Inmet Mining Corporation.

More details of the Barmedman Project are provided in this Kiska target summary.

January 2009

Colin Barnett and Peter Williams presented a paper entitled “Using Geochemistry and Neural Networks to map Geology under Glacial Cover” at the 2009 Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference held annually in Vancouver, BC. A report on this ground-breaking development can be downloaded here (20Mb pdf); alternatively a poster summarizing our results can be obtained here (8Mb pdf).

Large-scale multi-element geochemical maps, cluster analysis maps, and an inferred bedrock geology map of the QUEST Project area in central BC can also be found on the Geoscience BC data release website.

November 2008

BW Mining was contracted by Geoscience BC to undertake an analysis of the QUEST Project geochemical data. This will involve releveling lake and stream sediment assays for up to 50 elements, imputation of missing data, and the application of clustering algorithms to the resulting multi-element geochemistry. A major result of the study will be to map bedrock geology under glacial cover, using geochemistry and neural networks.


April 2008

BW Mining successfully completed the first part of a data mining study of the Eastern Goldfields North, Western Australia. The study area is approximately 300km x 550km. Conclusion of the study awaits results of a CSIRO regional hydrogeochemical survey of the northern Yilgarn, that will add significantly to the existing geological and geophysical datasets. At that time the study may be extended to the south or west depending on the interests of clients.

September 2007

C. T. Barnett and P. M. Williams presented an invited paper “The Data Mining Approach to Target Generation in Mature Districts” at Exploration 2007, the Fifth Decennial International Conference on Mineral Exploration, Toronto, Canada. This influential conference is a major industry forum for reviewing and directing trends in exploration over a ten-year time frame. The theme of the 2007 conference was Exploration in the New Millennium (see: Exploration 07).

A copy of the paper can be obtained here (3.7Mb pdf).

June 2007

Geoscience BC (see below) has announced the QUEST Project, a new geoscience initiative designed to focus mineral exploration in central British Columbia. This $5M project is the largest public geoscience work program in British Columbia’s history.

Dr Colin Barnett of BW Mining is a key member of the GBC team that developed this program. More details of the novel approaches employed can be seen on the QUEST Project website.

February 2007

One of our partners, Dr Colin Barnett, has agreed to serve as a Technical Consultant to Geoscience BC (GBC) an industry-led, not-for-profit geoscience organization based in Vancouver, Canada.

Geoscience BC’s mandate is to generate applied geoscience data and attract more exploration investment to British Columbia. GBC was created in April 2005 with a $25 million grant to the Association for Mineral Exploration BC. More information can be found on the GBC website.

October 2006

An Exploration Alliance has been signed with Rimfire Minerals Corporation to explore a 120,000 square kilometre region of the Lachlan Fold Belt in NSW, Australia. This is a highly prospective area where we have recently completed a data mining study for gold and base-metal mineralization.

More details of the LFB Alliance are provided in this Rimfire news release.

August 2006

An article by Barnett and Williams of BW Mining is featured as the Special Topic on Mining Geoscience in the July 2006 issue of First Break, a leading geoscience publication in Europe (1.2Mb pdf).

June 2006

A paper by C T Barnett and P M Williams, entitled “Mineral exploration using modern data mining techniques” and describing aspects of the BW Mining process, has been published by the Society of Economic Geologists (7Mb pdf).

This invited paper is included in SEG’s Special Publication 12, Wealth Creation in the Minerals Industry: Integrating Science, Business, and Education, 2006. Details of this centenary publication can be found here (0.1Mb pdf) and at SEG’s online bookstore.