Dr Colin T Barnett

Colin Barnett was Director of Exploration Technology for Newmont Mining Corporation before forming BW Mining. He received his BA and MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, his MSc in Geophysics from Imperial College London, and his PhD in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines.

During a nearly 30-year career with Newmont, he was responsible for numerous innovations, including the first digital ground time-domain electromagnetic system known as EMP, which he took from the design stage to the writing of the software to process and invert the data. This led to the development under his leadership of the first successful helicopter-borne time-domain EM system known as NEWTEM.

Dr Peter M Williams

Peter Williams taught Computer Science at the University of Sussex before forming BW Mining. He received his BA and MA in Mathematics from Cambridge, and his MSc and DPhil in Mathematical Logic from the University of Sussex.

His special fields of expertise are probability and information theory, and their application to data mining and machine learning. He has published many influential papers in these subjects over the past 35 years. He has developed and applied specialized neural network methods to mineral exploration for over 25 years.